WebSharper currently is invoked via wsfsc.exe, which is a single-pass F# and WebSharper compiler. As such, it receives the same arguments as fsc.exe along with any WebSharper-specific ones (most notably --ws: and --ws-output:). Calling this on any larger project from the command line is going to be a PITA, as you will need to supply -r: arguments for every reference. This will be massively easier once WebSharper fully supports .NET Core and its CLI tooling (dotnet new, dotnet build, etc.)

Your best bet otherwise is to extract the build command from a VS build and using that - painful, but a one-time cost only.

By on 11/6/2017 5:58 AM ()

Is wsfsc.exe specific to v4.0? If so, what is the equivalent for v3?

By on 11/13/2017 6:48 AM ()

Command line for WebSharper 3.0 is easier to use, as it is working from an already F#-compiled dll and not the source directly. Look for tools\net40\websharper.exe in a WebSharper 3.x package folder. It is usable as WebSharper.exe [options] input.dll output.dll and lists available options if you run it without arguments.

By on 11/13/2017 7:18 AM ()


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