This is strange, I copied your code into a new Self-Hosted Client-Server Application (I assume that's what you're using due to the port 9000) and I am not having this issue; I correctly receive "PostBody works!".

What version of WebSharper.Owin are you using? I'm on

By on 4/24/2017 6:10 AM ()

I managed to find what was the issue. I illustrated it in this gist:

If you run it as it is, the POST with a JSON body won't work. However, if you comment lines 59, 60, and 61, it will work as expected.

I suspect the fact that we read the body prevents it from being used later, but not sure.

Do you have an idea why?

By on 4/27/2017 11:42 AM ()

Ah, right. Indeed, if the body stream has been read before WebSharper steps in, then it is not available anymore, and WebSharper sees an empty body. You need to copy the content into a MemoryStream so that it can be subsequently re-read:

if not environment.Request.Body.CanSeek then
    let s = new MemoryStream() :> Stream
    do! awaitTask <| environment.Request.Body.CopyToAsync s
    environment.Request.Body <- s
environment.Request.Body.Seek(0L, SeekOrigin.Begin) |> ignore

// Your 3 lines here...

environment.Request.Body.Seek(0L, SeekOrigin.Begin) |> ignore

And also, you need to place the whole body of the function inside the async block instead of before it (although I admit I don't completely understand why).

Here is my fixed version of your gist.

By on 5/1/2017 5:21 AM ()

Ah ok, it makes sense! Thanks for your help, I'll update my code accordingly.

By on 5/2/2017 2:54 AM ()

Hi Loic, you are right, I am using the Self-Hosted Client-Server Applicationa and WebSharper.Owin. too.. I'll try to set up a completely new, separate project and see if I still have the problem.

By on 4/26/2017 1:39 PM ()
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