Hello. I have very similar issue while running the app on the remote hosting server. However all is OK on my machine while running with VS 2017 Community, F# 4.1, WebSharper, .NET 4.6. According to the info specified by hosting provider, their server supports ASP.NET 4.0, .NET <=4.6.3. How can I fix the problem?

P.S.: Here is a gist with stack trace in my case.

By on 4/4/2017 6:25 PM ()


this must be some problem with initializing the project by Visual Studio, it seems that some project reference is added multiple times and WebSharper 3 handled it wrong. Did the issue persist after reloading the project? (fixed in Zafir - WS4 beta)

By on 12/2/2016 2:50 AM ()
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