Scala Days 2013 / Taming the Cake Pattern with Type Macros

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In this talk, we discuss some interesting extensions to the cake pattern as described in Real­World Scala: Dependency Injection (DI) by Jonas Bonér. We consider the use of the cake pattern to express hierarchical components, and the high­level design constraints between them. We also discuss encapsulating the details of a composite component. The cake pattern suffers from three major problems that limit its adoption: 1. Verbosity: Lots of boilerplate. 2. Opacity: Hard to follow the code because the language idioms used do not signify the user's intent. 3. Compiler error messages are confusing. We present a specification for a suite of type macros to address the problems of verbosity and opacity. We provide a status report on the implementation of these macros to date.


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John Sullivan (john.sullivan)


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