Scala Days 2013 / Scala IDE: Present & Future

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In this session we will have a round at all new functionalities introduced in the latest sand greatest Scala IDE V3.0 release, and outline the future direction of the tool. Semantic highlighting, implicit highlighting, and a new shiny Scala debugger are the spotlights of version 3.0. Scala code is now easier to read, write, test and debug. Furthermore, a growing ecosystem of plug-ins is available right at your fingertips for customizing your Scala environment just the way it fits you best. The focus of the next releases is on enhancing the Scala debugger, further improving the editor's responsiveness, and add first-class support for both Play2 and Sbt. Sounds too good to be true? Come and see for yourself the Scala IDE in action!


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Mirco Dotta (mirco.dotta)


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