New England F# User Group / Understanding F# Workflows - Part I

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F# Workflows are a powerful and elegant tool for solving many real-world problems, though they can be rather daunting at first. We'll survey some ways in which Workflows in the standard F# libraries are used for common development tasks, then dig into detail on how they work. We'll then build a workflow that provides a validation framework that can be used for parsing or other tasks.

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Scott Theleman (scott.theleman)


Scott Theleman is a Software Developer with over 10 years professional design and development experience in both small startup and mid-sized corporate/Enterprise environments on applications ranging from desktop GUIs to website/web applications to server side and middleware work. He has also been Technical Lead on several government contracts. He has worked on a diverse range of projects including a network discovery and topology product, a Learning Management System, Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture components for a large and complex search service, and atmospheric and weather sciences applications.

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