Tech Mesh London 2012 / Implementing Riak: Benefits and Challenges

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Riak is a scalable, reliable, open source distributed database modeled after Amazon Dynamo, and it also supplies additional features such as secondary indexes and full text search. Riak is accessible via a wide variety of programming languages but is implemented mostly in Erlang, and is primarily written and maintained by the developers at Basho Technologies. The choice of using Erlang has resulted in both benefits and challenges to the Basho team and Riak community. Talk objectives: In this talk, Steve will provide an overview of Riak, its internal architecture, and its Erlang implementation. Along the way he'll discuss the advantages and challenges of using Erlang to implement Riak. The goal is to supply attendees with details of the benefits and challenges of using Erlang/OTP for a highly scalable and reliable production system. Target audience: This talk is intended for anyone who is not already an expert in Erlang/OTP and is considering using it for their products and production systems.


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