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As an industry, one thing we have consistently failed to do is meet the software requirements of business in an efficient, timely and cost-effective way. Agile approaches are one way to solve this problem and for certain organisations and some systems, it’s an excellent solution. But the ‘pure Agile’ approach is not for everyone and many organisations who have tried to merge Agile with structured approaches have had difficulty. What lessons can structured environments learn from Agile? What practices can be adopted to improve the way we build software in ALL projects? Agile reminds us that teams are most effective when they are focused on a business goal and communication and feedback are excellent. Business Stories are simple, compact ‘examples’ of the behaviour of software. When placed at the centre of software delivery, these stories close the communication gap between users, developers and testers. Business analysts derive Business Stories from requirements to confirm with stakeholders that requirements can be trusted. Developers take the same stories and use them to help design their code and automatically test it (BDD)· Test analysts take the same stories and add detail required for system and acceptance testing as software becomes available. This talk describes the core practices you need to manage requirements knowledge and deliver valuable software that works the way users want it, in a more reliable way – in a corporate, structured or waterfall environment.


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