FP Day 2011 / Hands-on Haskell

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In this session, you will get an idea of how to get started with Haskell. Haskell is a special language in many ways, also among the functional languages: it enables lazy evaluation, it is pure, and it has a very strong static type system. This session comprises a mix of presentations and practical exercises that should give you an idea about how you can benefit from all these features.


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Andres Loeh (andres.loeh)


Andres is a long-time functional programming enthusiast. He has started using Haskell in 1997 while being an undergraduate studying mathematics. He obtained his PhD on datatype-generic programming using Haskell from Utrecht University in 2004. Since then, he has continued to use Haskell in research and practice, including teaching various courses both to students and participants from industry. His main interests, next to datatype-generic programming, are embedded domain-specific languages, unleashing the full power of Haskell's type system, parallelism and applying functional languages to real-life problems. Since 2010, Andres is an independent Haskell consultant and partner at Well-Typed LLP.

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