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Tao Liu from the F# team will introduce F# 3.0 type providers. Tao Liu is a Microsoft F# core team member at Redmond, WA, and presents the most popular F# talk on channel 9 about F# and Design Pattern. He is the author of the forthcoming book “F# for C# developer” at Microsoft Press. He was a Software lead for multiviewer Centrio product in Harris Corporation, won the cooperation Innovation Award, and has a pending patent for a real-time rules engine. You can find Tao’s blog at, and follow him on Twitter as @ttliu2000.


  • brief introduction of F# 3.0 new features.
  • how to write your own type provider by answering the following questions
    • demonstrate how to write your own type provider, by demonstrating the following:
    • introduce the design of type providers, and how they provide types and class members,
    • explaining where the type and class members are coming from,
    • meta programming using type provider,
    • exploring features at design time with type providers.
    • (possible, but need to talk with Don) multi-targeting feature using type provider.

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