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As software developers, we face a risky, time-consuming and painful process in delivering software. The solution the delivery of software continuously through build, test and deployment automation. This session will talk about how we can move from CI to continuous delivery. This session will help to distinguish between CI and continuous deployment. The session will cover: * Why CI is a good practice for software development * Basics of CI * Automation of build, testing and deployment * How a good version control strategy ensures a reliable system * How to implement zero-downtime deploys (… and rollback – if something goes wrong!) * Simple techniques for the verification of application health that can make the automation more robust.


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Paul Stack (paul.stack)


C# / ASP.NET Developer. An advocate of clean, maintainable code and am very passionate about what I do. Absolutely obsessed with Continuous Integration and how it should be used in every day development scenarios with a continuous delivery environment.

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