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We all know the value of dependency management, DRY, abstractions and loose coupling when we're building our back-end architectures, but when it comes to writing the UI for our web applications, we often fall back into the habit of copy'n'paste code reuse, invisible dependencies, mixing presentation and behaviour, using inline styles and JavaScript, and other bad habits. Can you inject dependencies in their sleep but don't know what a CSS sprite is? Are you fluent, loosely-coupled and asynchronous but still like to use HTML tables for your page layout? This workshop is for you. We'll show you how to take all the pragmatic principles that you use in your back-end system development, and apply them to your HTML, your CSS, your layouts and your JavaScript. We'll see: * How to keep your styles manageable by turning your CSS inside-out and keeping things DRY * How to isolate your websites' look and feel in an installable package, so you can install CSS and UI updates using dependency managers like Nuget and Openwrap * How to keep your Javascript clean by using templating, data-binding, jQuery plugins and name-spaces * How to use CSS media queries to target multiple devices with a single code-base * Using CSS sprites and content-delivery networks to keep your pages fast and responsive


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Dylan Beattie (dylan.beattie)


Dylan Beattie is a developer based in London, where he works as the tech lead at Spotlight, developing software for the theatre and casting industry. He wrote his first web page in 1994. Three years later, he found out what the Web actually was, and promptly abandoned a career in mathematics because programming looked way more fun and had at least as many brackets. He's been building Web apps on Microsoft technology since ASP was part of the Windows NT 4 Option Pack, and he was writing server-side domain models in Javascript way before it was cool. He even once ran code in JScript.NET. Dylan works on everything from Fluent NHibernate to CSS frameworks to user stories to database index tuning. He's consequently very interested in designing systems that use diverse software platforms to deliver a cohesive experience - software that looks great, works well, and no-one cares that behind the scenes there's .NET talking to Javascript talking to Ruby talking to legacy code.

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