Right now the way to create reactive elements in Bolero is by using the Elmish model, as documented here.

That being said, we have been considering providing an alternative way that would be similar to WebSharper.UI, with Var, View and their APIs. It is a significantly different model, but I agree that it would be worth having the alternative.

By on 5/29/2019 7:50 AM ()

I wanted to test different technologies, so blazor and your fsbolero, and as well old websharper I already used 2 years ago. Having real data for test web app I prepared this app:


It is websharper without live updates. Here you can see what can be done in live updated components, dashboard values, total matched values, or on other pages prices, and so on.

Yes, I checked elmish model and one could think that changes to model (Counter example) are automatically populated to "cell" values, but in fact entire html node is rebuilt with any model change, am I right?

By on 5/29/2019 11:20 AM ()

Hi Stefan, this a super-cool app, would love to help raising more awareness to it. Are you planning to add live updates?

As for Bolero model changes, no, they should not incur rerendering the entire DOM node, only those subnodes that represent changes in the model. At least in theory, but this is now in Blazor's court. Adapting/bringing WebSharper.UI to Bolero would provide a valuable, familiar alternative for structuring reactive web apps, likely a significantly faster one, so it's high on our list.

By on 5/30/2019 2:42 AM ()
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