WebSharper itself doesn't reference System.Data.Client, so there shouldn't be any direct clash. That being said, I remember having had a lot of trouble getting SQLProvider to work on a .NET Core project, although I unfortunately don't remember the specifics.

One thing to note is that since SQLProvider is a type provider, it needs to load the database driver assembly during compilation, and not just during runtime. So you need to make sure that it can do that. Here WebSharper has some influence, since it replaces the compiler. By default it runs the compiler on .NET Framework / Mono if compiling a .NET Framework assembly, or on .NET Core if compiling a .NET Core or .NET Standard assembly. You may have some luck overriding this default with WebSharperUseNetFxCompiler, see the documentation.

By on 1/6/2019 1:54 AM ()

Hi Loïc, thanks for this. The compiler setting did the trick! You were right about the SQLProvider, I already had pre build and post build steps to put this in the right place and have it included as an assembly directly as well as a nuget reference.

By on 1/6/2019 7:41 AM ()
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