thanks for the catch. It only happens in DCE-d code (SPA projects) because WebSharper.Obj.Equals is missing incorrectly. I have created a ticket about this: https://github.com/intellifactory/websharper/issues/832

A current workaround is to use <WebSharperDeadCodeElimination>False</WebSharperDeadCodeElimination> (Sorry, this can increase bundled JS file size quite a bit obviously...)

By on 10/16/2017 6:32 AM ()

Thanks for the fast reaction! Any idea when you can fix this? Would it be in the next release?

By on 10/16/2017 8:15 AM ()
By on 10/18/2017 8:46 AM ()

I will fix it tomorrow, we want to bundle it for another small fix for 4.0 and then it will be released.

By on 10/16/2017 2:39 PM ()
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