Hello, there is a new installer for WebSharper 4 beta you can download here.
Contains both C#+F# templates, compatible with Visual Studio 2015/2017. Using F# 4.0 now, but 4.1 support is coming soon.

By on 5/18/2017 9:54 AM ()

The current VS installer (which ships the core WebSharper project templates) has issues in Visual Studio 2017, we are in the process of developing a new, more capable add-in. In the meantime, you can use (with minor modifications) the source files directly from the main template repository, or create new projects via generator-fsharp.

Apart from that, we recommend trying the 4.x beta (Zafir) - it comes with various compiler improvements, a better templating engine with Zafir.UI.Next (documented here), among others (more info in the associated release notes.)

The quickest way to get started is by walking through the minimal examples from the README or experimenting with various snippets on Try WebSharper.

By on 5/11/2017 5:54 PM ()
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