Thanks for your help. I have aboided client server as creating a REST API seemed overkill. Traditionally I would just do the work server side, generate the from end html (it doesn't need to be dynamic) and serve that up. So now the client needs to make a call to the server instead of doing it all in the back end?

Thank you


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You probably want to use client server RPC. I really like the ability to generate the HTML from the sitelet and attach the client side code with RPC calls to submit data and receive additional data. It makes everything clean and easy.

By on 12/7/2016 3:11 PM ()

I have it working now, and you're right it's certainly clean and easy. To me it feels like extra work for the machines, but as a friend pointed out to me websharper wasn't built to solve the problem the way I was imagining it should. If I find a way to do it server side without a client side call I'll post the answer. Thanks

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By on 12/5/2016 10:34 PM ()

Go ahead and choose a self-hosted a client server application. You are going to want to spend your time defining sitelets for your REST API Self hosted uses OWIN and httplistener which is supported on mono. I have no problem moving projects that I build in Visual studios on to my production linux boxes. Note that getting https to work with httplistener can be tricky.

Also you may need to enable CORS if you want other websites with Javascript to use the data. CORS

By on 12/5/2016 4:04 PM ()

There is a number of methods to enable CORS on RPC calls (e.g. WebSharper.Web.Remoting.AddAllowedOrigin(string origin) ). But they do not work for Sitelet calls. Does the Websharper have some API to enable CORS on Sitelet or developer should implement it himself?

By on 7/5/2018 4:56 AM ()
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