First of all, you will need an author profile. The topic FPish - What is an author profile? explains what an author profile is and how you can get one.

Then do the following:

  1. Go to Edit my profile, and switch to the Author Profile tab.
  2. Add your blog RSS URL and your default blog tags. The default tags is a comma-separated list of FPish tags that will be automatically applied to each article when you scrape your blog.

  3. Go to your Dashboard and switch to the Blog entries tab, and click the Scrape feed link on the top.
  4. Your blog articles are displayed, and any new entries will be with a Hidden label and with your default tags applied.

  5. Change the label on each article if you need to, and click Show for those that you want to publish on FPish.
  6. You can change the tags or hide/show any article any time later.

At this point, any article you published will be displayed on the Blogs page, categorized under the tags you selected.

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