Haskell eXchange 2012 / Cloud Haskell

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Cloud Haskell takes Erlang's successful approach to distributed concurrency and implements it in Haskell as a library. We will look at what this means and what possibilities it opens up. You should also get a flavour of what distributed programming in Haskell is like. The initial Cloud Haskell idea and a prototype implementation were introduced last year. Since then we have been working on a new from-scratch implementation with a focus on robustness and flexibility: * Robustness: our design provides strong and simple guarantees on messaging reliability and failure notification, taking advantage of lessons learned by the Erlang community (ideas which we can implement more easily because we are not constrained by backwards compatibility). * Flexibility: it can be adapted to different environments such as clusters or commercial cloud services. Different backends allow it to adapt to variations in initialisation, peer discovery, node creation etc. For example we have a prototype backend specifically for the Windows Azure cloud platform.


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